ethically sourced premium coffee beans, convenience, and conscience.
that's goodpod.

good pod. great coffee.

We're all about coffee that's better for the environment, the growers, and the taste buds.
fresh filtered
brew experience
pod size*
plastic-free pods
*Works well in most traditional K-Cup®️ single-serve brewers except the Keurig®️ Supreme system.

first thing, coffee.

We thoughtfully source, roast, and grind the finest ethical, fair-trade coffee from around the world-to lovingly bring you the most flavor from each bean.

made with care
from crop to cup

how it all breaks down.

Our plant and bio-based pods are commercially compostable and contain ‘zero’ plastics. When you go compostable, you can feel good.
The Lid
Made from paper and
other materials including
compostable ink.
The Filter
quickly in composts.
The Ring
Made from 20% coffee
chaff, which is the skin
of the bean.

Traditional non-recyclable single-serve cups trashed into landfills each year could circle the earth more than 12x*.

Life Cycle Assessment of Compostable Coffee Pods: A US University Based Case Study, 2020

wake up to goodpod,
coffee with a conscience.