what makes goodpod good?

With goodPOD, you’re getting exceptional coffee from around the world, with flavors from around the world, supporting people from around the world, without creating garbage around the world.
Let's Brew Some Good®

The One Tree Planted Project

Brewing some good outside of our own product is important to us, so we've partnered with One Tree Planted to give back to the ecostystems in the regions that our beans have been harvested! What exactly does that mean? One tree will be planted for every 3 boxes of Good Pod sold. For more information please visit www.onetreeplanted.org!

reduces waste in landfills

Our commercially compostable coffee pods are made from plant and bio-based materials instead of forever plastic. Help us reduce plastic waste one cup of coffee at a time.

how to compost

When you’re done with a goodPOD, rest easy knowing we have made them to be commercially compostable.
Here’s what you can do with them:
Curbside Compost Bin
Toss whole pod into compost bin—no separation required.
Compost Facilities
If you have a local compost drop off location, the pods can be brought there.
Compost Partnerships
Drop off at your favorite grocery retailer that has commercial composting program in place.

it wouldn’t be good,
if it wasn’t also fair.

It only feels right on our conscience if the coffee is conscious. And that’s why we participate solely in fair trade partnerships, where we support producers in growing countries to improve social and environmental standards and why our partnerships create fair wages for the wonderful beans they grow.

delivered to your doorstep.

Order one at a time or save with a subscription.